Cataloging Demo Release

Okay, now let’s do some batch copy cataloging. Let’s say you’ve just received 3 copies of a book, and you need to send each to a different library in your region. Hold down the ctrl key, and click with your mouse on the branch names that you want to add the copies to, like this:

Then right-click on any of your selected branches, and select “Add Volume”. From here, the process should be relatively self-explanatory; go ahead and add a couple volumes and copies. In the real version, the call number will be supplied from the MARC record, and the cataloger will be able to scan in the barcodes. The last screen in the wizard allows you to edit the copy properties for all copies. Hit Finish when you’re done.

That’s a quick run through of what functionality is in the cataloging demo release. It’s very rough, there are many bugs and many places we are going to continue to improve on.