Dan Scott, speaker extraordinaire

And two more things from Dan Scott of Conifer (though we didn’t know about this before we went to press with the newsletter): he’s giving a keynote at NELINET’s conference on October 9th with the title “Developing a crush on Evergreen” about Conifer and the state of Evergreen, and will […]

Evergreen International Conference 2009: Standing Together

A holiday weekend immediately followed “eg09,” as we tagged it, so it will be next week most likely before we see all the slides, pictures, blog posts, and whatnot associated with Evergreen International Conference 2009. In some ways the Evergreen conference felt like a joyous family gathering, the kind where […]

William Jessup University: a self-implemented Evergreen site

William Jessup University, in California’s Sierra Foothills, is one of a number of sites that install and maintain their own Evergreen implementations. They went live in January 2009, at the beginning of their spring semester. It’s often said that you don’t have to go it alone with Evergreen — there […]