Circulation Demo Release

In the production release, the sound effects that accompany these types of alerts will be customizable. There’s no need to startle your patrons with the sounds of cows and ambulances.

One thing you’ll likely notice is that this particular alert doesn’t want to go away. Barcode scanners emulate a keyboard and press the Enter key after every barcode. A mere Enter press won’t banish this alert however, which stops the “scan-through” problem that many experience. You must toggle the checkbox in the alert to acknowledge the message.


The same sort of alerts are in the Check In interface, but we still haven’t seen a real circulation, so let’s clear the current warning and try again with this barcode: 50723010105787

Check Out

For me, that was a success, but for you, it depends on what others are doing with the demo as they walk through this. 😀 To check this back in, I invoke the Check In interface (Circulation -> Check In) and enter the same barcode into the textbox in Scan Item area.

Check In

Check In

You can print receipts for both Check Out and Check In, and you can have the software automatically print receipts, or not. Eventually the format of your receipts will be totally customizable with templates and a macro language. You’ll also be able to switch between different templates on the fly as your needs dictate.