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The Evergreen Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that June’s Contributor of the Month is Lynn Floyd, who is the head of Information Technology at the Anderson County Library in Anderson, South Carolina. Anderson County Library is a member of the SC LENDS consortium.

In her role at Anderson County Library, Lynn serves as the ILS Administrator as well as taking a leadership role in the larger SC LENDS community. She was responsible for familiarizing herself with Evergreen prior to Anderson’s go-live in 2009. “Learning how to use Evergreen to the best of my ability so I can train our staff was my original goal,” she says. She also teaches local system administrators how to administer Evergreen.

Reflecting on the go-live, she notes, “When we first went live in 2009, there was little documentation on the use of Evergreen. I knew that I could put my skills to use documenting the functions of Evergreen.” 

She soon became involved with the Documentation Interest Group (DIG) and has been a part of that group now for many years. She has been an active promoter of involvement with DIG, and most of the past several Evergreen Conferences have found her delivering a Lightning Talk on DIG participation and/or AsciiDoc. Lynn has also recently put together an end-user friendly Evergreen Glossary, which is being reviewed for future inclusion in the official Evergreen Documentation.

This past conference, Lynn presented a half-day preconference session (slides here – pptx) on creating and using receipt templates in Evergreen. Since web client receipt templates use some new formatting code, this was a very useful session for those looking to become more familiar with using and customizing receipt templates.

Lynn has also served as a conference responder for the past several years, and both files and comments on bugs in Launchpad.

Looking ahead, Lynn is a member of the newly-formed New Developers Working Group which is intended to provide a shared learning experience for beginning Evergreen developers. Lynn says, “I am looking forward to applying my rather rusty coding skills to Evergreen.”

Lynn encourages new community members to not be afraid to lurk, and ask. “Teaching and sharing with each other is how this community works. We were all once in a similar situation.”

Do you know someone in the community who deserves a bit of extra recognition? Please use this form to submit your nominations. We ask for your email in case we have any questions, but all nominations will be kept confidential.

Any questions can be directed to Andrea Buntz Neiman via or abneiman in IRC.

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One thought on “Lynn Floyd: Evergreen Contributor of the Month

  • Susan Manalli

    What Lynn doesn’t mention is that she was once a cataloger with Evergreen’s Georgia Pines. That knowledge, combined with her other formidable skills, means that she is a blessing to me as ACL Head of Technical Services. She can talk about bibliographic MARC21/RDA formatting and has helped me deal with the present problems in the cataloging module in the web-based Evergreen. She has an amazing ability to look at problems from many angles and come up with viable solutions. Her thinking process and analytical approach to all problems are extraordinary!