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Pre-Conference Programs

On April 30, we’ll have all-day Development and Documentation Hackfests and four half-day pre-conference sessions, which you can add to your registration:

Morning Sessions: 9:00 – 12:00

  • Authority control and your library. This pre-conference is a hands-on exploration of authority control in Evergreen. We explore several tools that can help libraries of diverse sizes, budgets, and levels of technical expertise to harness the power of authority control to improve patrons’ discovery experiences. Participants should be somewhat familiar with MARC records and be ready for an active session. This pre-conference focuses on projects that libraries can do themselves, without needing to contract with an outside vendor. This session is geared for a Novice audience.

    Presenter – Jane Sandberg, Electronic Resources Librarian, Linn-Benton Community College

  • More SQL For Librarians. Any good librarian wants to know exactly where their data comes from and with your ILS’s data being crucial, why trust it to a reporter that shapes it for you? Learn the power of not only the basics of the structured query language to read and manipulate Evergreen’s database but learn how you can teach yourself on an ongoing basis. Like past versions of this workshop it will focus on reporting but based on past feedback about practical challenges people see I will be adding some discussion of using tracking tables, special current and future sources that are special to Evergreen and how to use some of the less obvious native functions as data sources as well as tables, views, and subqueries. This session is geared for a Novice audience.

    Presenter – Rogan Hamby, Data and Project Analyst, Equinox Open Library Initiative

Afternoon Sessions: 1:30 – 4:30

  • Serials in Evergreen: The Next Generation. The Serials module has undergone an exciting transformation with the release of the Evergreen 3.0 web client! The module has a new, unified interface and workflow, as well as a dedicated menu for administrative set up. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the Serials module in the 3.1 web client. Topics of discussion will include administrative set up of the module, creating and managing subscriptions, generating predictions, receiving, and working with standalone MFHD records. There will also be time for participants to gain hands-on experience with the module. Participants should bring a laptop with Chrome or Firefox installed. By the end of the session, participants will have practical experience setting up the serials module and implementing the serials workflow. This session is geared for a Novice audience.

    Presenter – Angela Kilsdonk, Product Training and Consultation Manager, Equinox Open Library Initiative

  • Brush Up Your Evergreen Search. Evergreen has many knobs that can be turned to adjust the way it retrieves search results. You just need to know where to make these adjustments to bring better Evergreen search to your catalog. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of how Evergreen search indexes work and factors that influence search relevance. We’ll then look at the following ways Evergreen sites can brush up their search:
    • Make specific fields more relevant when ranking search results
    • Incorporate popularity in relevance ranking
    • Implement a synonym list
    • Adjust stemming for some searches
    • Adjust normalization

    Access to the database and the command line is required to make many of these adjustments. This session is geared for an Intermediate audience.
    Presenter – Kathy Lussier, Project Coordinator, MassLNC