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The Evergreen Conference will have pre-conference sessions on Wednesday, April 5th. These sessions are available at an additional cost and may be attended independently from the conference. In other words, you don’t have to register for the full conference in order to register for and attend the pre-conferences. There will be two tracks of pre-conference programs on Wednesday; two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon. Pre-conference registrants are welcome to attend whatever session(s) they wish to attend on that day and do not have to pre-select their sessions.

Morning Sessions

  • The Usual Suspects – Rogan Hamby, Equinox
    • A pre-conference looking at de-duplication methods in Evergreen. The pre-conference would start with a high level look at match points and approaches to de-duplication especially the identification of unique record versus identification of described item approaches as well as some common assumptions and pitfalls in each approach. We then move onto looking at issues for de-duplication in migrations versus ongoing maintenance. Finally we look at some of the common tools and approaches for de-duplication and how they might be changed based on the preferences described earlier in the pre-conference as well as the pros and cons of doing it in external scripts versus in database merging.The Hackfest for Evergreen Developers is also on Wednesday and is free for the development community to attend and participate.
  • Protecting Patron Privacy with Evergreen – Galen Charlton, Equinox and Jeff Godin, TADL
    • This preconference will cover practical techniques for protecting patron privacy in an Evergreen system. Since protecting patron data necessarily requires involvement by the entire staff of a library, the techniques discussed will cover the gamut from server administration and configuration to circulation desk management to library administrative policies. The target audience for this preconference are public services staff, Evergreen system administrators and library and consortium managers. Attendees are encouraged to register along with a buddy, i.e., a coworker at your library who has a different role than your own.

Afternoon Sessions

  • Making the most of Evergreen Reports – Chris Sharp, Georgia Public Library Service
    • Evergreen’s built-in report-creating feature is powerful, extensible, and allows for very fine-grained and targeted data retrieval. This extended session covers the design of the reports interface and how you can select and join together the best sources you can for your libraries’ reporting needs. We’ll peek under the hood some so you’ll understand better how Evergreen reports work from the database up. Includes practical real-life examples gleaned from years of supporting and troubleshooting PINES reports.
  • Web Client Basics for End Users – Angela Kilsdonk, Mary Jinglewski, Equinox
    • The new Evergreen web client, or Webby, as it has affectionately been dubbed, is an exciting move forward for Evergreen users. This workshop will provide an overview of the look and feel of the web client and time for hands-on exercises to get to know Webby. The workshop will focus on three areas of the web client: navigation and workstation administration, patron accounts and basic circulation, and basic cataloging functionality. By the end of the workshop, participants will have experience setting up a workstation in the web client, searching for and working with patron accounts, and creating bibliographic records and items in the catalog.
    • Attendees who want to participate in hands-on exercises will need to bring a laptop with either Chrome or Firefox installed.

Please note that all attendees must abide by the Event Photography Policy and the Evergreen Code of Conduct.

Registration is available at our EventBrite page.

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